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Okanagan Digital Microfluidics Laboratory at University of British Columbia conducts research on control, fabrication and modeling of Digital Microfluidic biochips. Digital microfluidic devices provide a new technology platform for controlled motion of small fluid volumes. These digital microfluidic devices can provide high speed microdroplet transport on integrated electrode arrays. The generalized nature of these electrode architectures offers versatility, scalability, and reconfigurability for numerous biomedical, chemical, and sensing applications. Furthermore, the incorporated actuation process being based largely upon electrocapillarity between underlying electrodes and conductive liquids, can provide high-throughput processing and rapid droplet transport with the rates up to 250 mm/s.

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Address: Digital Microfluidic Laboratory,
School of Engineering,
University of British Columbia,
FIP 370, 3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC, Canada, V1V 1V7




Latest NEWS

March 2010 - Congratulation to Milad Abolhasani for defending his MASc thesis successfully.

Febuary 2010 - UBC Okanagan Digital Microfluidics website started to work.

Upcoming Conferences

SPIE Defense Security Sensing 2011, April 25-29, 2011, Orlando, Florida, USA

Nanotech 2011, June 13-16, 2011, Boston, MA, USA

ASME ICNMM 2011, June 19-22, 2011, Edmonton, AB, Canada

CANCAN 2011, June 5-9, 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada

MMB 2011, May 4-6, 2011, Lucerne, SWITZERLAND